Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I went past the maxercise (www.maxercise.com) studio yesterday. I go to Landmark Education in philly, and the Maxercise studio is right around the corner. They teach gracie jujitsu, judo and aikido. I want to do the judo and aikido first. Not only because it's cheaper, but because i'm a little scared. Pain and injury, i can handle it. I would just expect that the people that go right into gracie training have got an axe to grind. I'm not trying to be the chopped wood. I also like that they have a gym. I can go there to practice my bodyflow (http://www.rmax.tv/kinetic.html -watch the video montage). I also want to go do judo because i'll have a community with which to practice. I don't exercise much because there's nothing to exercise for. Exercise right now exists like its for nothing in particular, but if i had a sport to apply it to, hype stuff. I did some light research on judo through wikipedia, basically it's a refined form of jujitsu.
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