Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A friend of mine, and seems to be future partner of some sort, has been toying with similar ideas as i have - the creation of a business engine. Basically, an incubator, but accelerated. I guess its more so an incubator network.

So Kareem, his name of course, has the name "metis". Apparently Kareem found some reference where some anthropologist talks about 'metis'. Metis is supposed to be a ancient greek word for the knowledge that veteran seamen have about the tides and storms. This isn't something that you can teach in the course of a couple years. Rather, its the life-long wisdom that they gain from thier particular trade. Unfortunately, most of what i've seen, metis is the name of a tribe in australia. I'm waiting for the footnote reference. Basically he wasnts to create a 'metis' for enterpreneurship.

I'm all kinds of excited.
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