Tuesday, November 29, 2005

10 year reunions

So i went to my high school ten year reunion on friday, the day after thanksgiving. I had a blast. Apparently i had to learn the hard way what 'semi-formal' means. I went in a blue-brown-white striped shirt and some slacks. I cared for about five minutes that other people were in suits. But then i realized that most of the people, already know i'm a fool.

There is nothing like partying with people that you know and who you care about.

That's about all there is to say. The only problem i have with reunions is that they're a one-time thing. Why can't we have like an alumni gathering like twice a year (for each graduating class) and like monthly as a networking thing. Well, that's just an excuse for me to drink some more, but so what.

I'm just glad i didn't make a fool of myself (i think). I realized i knew a lot more people than i thought. I have it that i was some introverted nerd in high school. I think the real problem was that i didn't hang out with school friends outside of school. The weird thing was that throughout the whole reunion, there were no weird 'get re-acquainted' moments. Soon as two people knew who each other were, family again.

Central High School of Philadelphia
Graduating class 254
. . . and so much more
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