Wednesday, December 07, 2005

another regular day

I am having another regular day. I realized that i've double-booked two commitments this weekend, and i have to replace myself for one. I'm supposed to be assisting a leadership training program this weekend and attending a school-related function. I double-booked the same before but the school-related event staff was a no-show. This time i forgot in advance and hopefully can find someone to take my place.

In other news. I love the ipod. But today i read that the format sucks when you listen to it on high-quality equipment. I read in wired magazine about an mp3 maker called "lame" that's supposed to be really good. Apparently, most of the sound quality in a file deteriorates the smaller it gets, duh. But, you can stave that off if you're smart about it. The people at "Lame" did double-blind sound quality tests for their files. So basically, they got people to listen to recordings of Cd's and recordings of mp3's and tried to have them figure out which was which based on sound quality. They failed to do that. So that's basically saying that with this mp3 maker you can have mp3s that sound as great as CD's with the compression of small files.

This would really be relevant if i had a bigger ipod, i've got the shuffle. So i'm now hoarding what i have in aac format because they're smaller. when i get to upgrade, i'll probably switch back to the mp3 format (even though i used to do the wma format) with this Lame thing. I think i'm becoming an audiophile. I molest music.
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