Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ipod and computers

So they're the greatest thing ever, next to breathing eating and sex of course. They even beat the invention of fire, sliced bread and gluestick. There's a commercial were a young person is walkind down the street listening to their ipod, while their shadow is going balistic, dancing. The cool think is that that really represents how much people are really jamming to the sounds of their ipod internally, while having a hard candy shell like m&m's.

The only problem is that my computer situation is outta-whack. I have the ipod shuffle, a present from my girl. Wonderful thing it is. These small players were made for people who have laptops, or consistent access to computers where they can play with their playlist. I have my computer in my brother's apartment, and i'm almost never there. So, i'm not really building my music library that much. I got wind of a few sites that are really cheap (www.mp3search.ru and another one i can't think of) so when i get a moment i'm going to drop like $50 (at 10 cents a song, that ain't bad eh?)

I can't wait to get a computer. I'm going to get the baddes MFin computer under $400. Just kidding, i'm looking to get something with an althlon 64 (3500), 19 in monitor, 512 ddr2 ram and a dvdburner (cd burner gotta be fast). I'll probably partition the hard drive into three sections, one for music, one for games and one for the rest of the XP OS.

Speaking of which, i got a norton three-pack (systemworks, firewall and spam filter) for 89.99 and a $90 rebate. I put it on every computer i could get my hands on (mine, mom's, girls and soon my dads). I feel so much safer with that on it. My folks haven't had something that does the 'dirty-work' such as defrag for speed, run anti-virus and prevent them, for a long time, perhaps ever.
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