Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i haven't been here in a while

blogging must be a fickle thing. but life isn't.

In the past couple weeks i've been grappling with some deep issues, committment, spirituality, existence, why my socks keep getting holes (because i don't cut my toenails very often). I think i'm in my 1/3rd life crisis. I dont know what to do with myself. I don't think i'll get into grad school. I only kinda want to puruse a career in teaching, and i'm half-a$$ing the idea of starting an incubator (but that's what i really want to do).

I'm a new fan, again, of my ipod. I lost it for a couple weeks, until i found it in my shirt pocket while doing laundry. Now it's loaded with a 5* mix of hip-hop -mos def, roots, biggie, common. From this i notice that i'll have to be way more careful about how i listen to and rate music. I got a best of Jay-Z mixtape and went through my 5* hov songs, not all of them were 5*. Because i don't want trash on my computer, i'm more apt to listen to an album a couple times to see what i want to delete. I'll have to make songs to delete 2* instead of three. That's just so i can keep track of the three levels of songs i have: 5*-eternal classic, 4*good, but not classic, 3* mood good. so that basically means that i have to re-star many of my songs. It doens't help that my computer for some reason plays song in some weird techno-electronic mixup where i can barely understand the beats and words. So i literally can't use itunes to listen to music. I just charge up my ipod and listen to it while on the computer. I don't mind the inconvenience, becasue then i can blast the music. but then i think about hearing loss becasue i'm gonna live a long time. rambling i am, enough yet for you?
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