Friday, April 06, 2007


no, not japan's version of hot mustard . . .

Wesabe is one of the coolest programs that i've seen on the web. Basically you upload your bank and credit account information and tag it, and it sorts it into categories so you can track your spending in various categories.

For instance, you can tag your trip to wawa as both food and junkfood, and you'll find out how much you spend on junkfood in a month and over time. you can also see how much you spend with both! I was talking it up with one of my students (i teach people how to use computer applications) and he wondered whether it would add food to junkfood. I said that anyone smart enough to come up with this "applet?" or widget or program probably figured that out . .. but it makes me wonder.

I started emailing one of the head guys about my questions and he's been very responsive, so i think i'll sign up. Imean, already probably eleven million hackers have my and your data, why not give it to the other four rookies?

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