Friday, April 20, 2007

vampires vs. neteru

My new guilty pleasure is vampire novels by L.A. Banks. She writes a damn good series. So far it’s been about battles between Vampires and Neteru (variants of Egyptian dieties). I like it for a couple reasons. First I get to indulge in some ebonics and spirituality at the same time. Also, we’ve heard a lot a bout demons and evils spirits, but this is the first time I’ve read anything about angelic hierarchies and things like that. She has a pantheon for the newmillenium.

Her writing style is defnitely fast-paced when the action is flaring, but i think she gives too much backstory. Actually, it's not too much, it's too much. What i mean by that is that she has lots of sentences where if you cut off the last three words. Just kidding . . . if you cut off the last three words the sentence has more impact. other than that, i'm good.

I haven't read the series in sequence (who does?) and i'm going back to read the first couple novels to get the backstory.

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