Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Second move

I love chess. i'm finally going to get off my ass and play. I'm going to be organizing a bi-monthly chess event at various places around philadelphia owned by black people. I was going to say 'african american' but i'm down with ethiopian spots and other ethnicities, so it'll probably generalize to 'brown spots'.

the name of the groups is called 'second move'. If you're not a chess afficianado, then you wouldn't know that the black peices move second. So, since we're black men, i'll call it "Second move" it's not rocket science, it's chess (which is much harder . . equations don't fight back!).

it's also going to be a BYOB- bring your own board. silly i know, but great nonetheless. I'm hoping to have it at a places especially where we can drink. hopefully if we get a few regulars, when i pose the use of the spot to the owners, we'll get some kind of volume discount.

so, if you know of any spots in philly owned and/or frequented by black folk, and/or play chess, and/or know a black person who plays chess, drop me a line.
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