Friday, March 16, 2007


So, people think that this movie has political overtones . .. so what.

i didn't like it as much as i thought i would.

I think of 300 as an over-hyped Troy. I didn't like Troy. The only scene worth watching was Brad Pitt (bad choice) yelling at the whole city of Troy for the other guy to come out. White guys flying with spears. Didn't anyone tell white guys that woody harrelson dunking was camera angles and springboards, not the real thing?

You have to realize (well, you don't have to) that this wasn't just any story, it was a comic book adaption. Therefore, though it had a sound story-line, the real grit and substance of the movie was in the presentation of it. For that i give them an A. It was the graphics, scenes, camera angles, picture speeds and backgrounds that set a very different feel for the movie. Almost real different from other war flicks. In other war flicks the sky was dark grey, here it was bad shoeshine brown.

It was a very well-produced movie, but nothing groundbreaking. And perhaps that was the point, to do so much so well, that it seems natural, like Minority Report.

And who's this gerard butler cat? He's good, He's new. hey may even be a breakout But he's no antoine fisher (who has fallen into cinematic history as a one-hit wonder . . what's he doing these days?)!

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