Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Ultimate Mashup

I'm waiting for the mashup between wikipedia,, flash, amazon and slashdot. But i don't want the government to see it!

Imagine that all information can be integrated, customized and at your fingertips. You're walking down the street and you see a coffee shop. You dip in and on your PDA phone you get a short bio/hist of the store, the owner, its workers (with their consent and input of course) and the uses of the building before the cofee shop. Your phone also beeps when you have someone who fits your dating profile or blog profile in the nearby record store.

So then you walk the rest of the way to the library to do research. You're just a fan of book, you like the texture. So when you get there you link into the system that knows your reading style preferences and it recommends an author or two that are a little outside of your reading style, but they have insights that both support your views and/or oppose your views. This is all thanks to a human-led tagging mission to cross-classify books.

But you're just there to read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. So you take that home and ride your car-share segue to the bus so you can go home.

Isn't life grand?
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