Monday, January 22, 2007

Audiophile, . . . well ipodophiles at least

The last post was about visual somethings, this is about the sounds.

Itunes, it is what i live and breathe by.

So i got BeaTunes ( ) . It's a program that finds all the beats per minute of your songs and puts them in itunes. I had thought that was great back when i had a kilo of songs (a thousand songs for you americans). And i've been pining and pouting about not having that at my now 6kilos of songs (six thousand for you slow americans). Enter stage right, with pyrotechnics BeaTunes.

Not only can it do beats per minute (bpm), it also listens to the song to figure out what other songs it sounds like. So you can do moods that cross genres. However, this sounds a little shaky. I like Pandora, and i know they have professional musicians analyzing songs. i'm not sure that this 6mb program approach, much less reach and surpass that. But as we speak the program is going through my whole itunes library, so we'll see after a week or two. I'll create a couple playlists and burn through them to see what this program's got. I'll admit, it's probably one of the first web-based programs [non-box] i think i'll buy.

The disappointing thing is that i have no real home computer. I juggle a couple different computers, so i don't know how to have it analyze my ipod's songs. I think i'll have to bite the bullet and erase all my ratings and playcount. That should put things back on an even basis, cuz John legend is in heavy rotation and has like 26 plays whereas marvin is hovering around 6-7. I wish there was a way to corret that.

But the re-rating isn't so bad. A few months ago i erased all my 3* (3 star) songs cuz my library was getting bohemouth. And i wanted to re-rate all my stars to more align with the netflix rating system: hated it, 2didn't like it, 3 liked it, 4 really liked it, 5 loved it. I had been rating 2's and 3's together and only listened much to 4's and 5's. But that reduces my listening experience. So this'll give me a fresh start.
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