Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

Apparently there's some guy in washington who talked to a lot of other guys in washington about the state of some union. I say apparently, because from what i heard, that guy wasn't saying anything that had much substance. I can't create that much spin on a backhanded dropshot.

My dad watched it. No wonder he calls it the 'boob toob'. I'm not sure if he's talking about the people watching it or the people on it. Pops said he watches PBS about 90% of the time. I said i'd get cable (jokingly of course) so he could watch the history and discovery channel. Then he said he'd only watch PBS 80% of the time. Touche (pronounced:Twoshay)

I don't know about politics. Seems like a lot of people positioning and frontin and trying to sound good. And really they're not saying anything. Suits on a street corner.

If i were president, all my cabinet people would have some kind of engineering degree. Why? Because at least you have to think rigorously and precisely about what you're studying. I have a history degree. I took other humanities classes. It's mostly drivel. Someone trying to put a slightly different perspective on the same thing. I get more perspectives on things walking down a street than reading a book.

Let's face it, most people write 75% drivel in any kind of writing class, and you can't BS your way through a calculus function. But if I were president . . . more drivel

What else? . . .
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