Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My mans an' 'em

My cousin is engaged to Keeth Smart. I'm a black, he's a black, she's a black, wouldn't you like . . . [name that song]

Anyhoo. He's one of the top ranked fencers in the world. That's saying something because he's the first "American" fencer to be ranked at the top of fencing for a considerable period of time. Humility aside, he's the fencing equivalent to Tiger.

To boot, his sister is a top-ranked fencer also. They're the two black fencers that you saw in i think milk commercials sometime around the olympic games.

He was on my mind 'cuz i talked to my aunt and she siad he's now in bucharest or something like that with my cousin fencing.

Really. . . who goes to bucharest?

her blog is: i haven't read it in about a year, but it was good while it lasted. hopefully she has some updates.
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