Monday, January 22, 2007

Obama for emperor. . .not

So, what's new?

Obama for Emperor. . . he hath no clothes, no substance, only that politically seductive smile. The only clean guy in the mudslinging fight. I read his second book. He's playing the role of a referee, which is great and what we 'need'. But how is he going to ref the superbowl when he's new to high-school ball? The book is good. But after the first three chapters there isn't any more substance to be had. Rather the book is about outlining his perspective, not his plan. Think of it as a book about the art, not art itself.

What do i think? Gore for president, Obama as vice pres. This would give Gore another run, with a highly seductive candidate on his heels. And this will also give Obama the necessary experience to know what the big house is like.

Beware, watch out for Gingrich. He'll be late in comin, but he'll be blowin full steam ahead when he throws his hat into the race. His late start will place him in the role as a new/fresh face (cough) in a field of people already being criticized.
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