Sunday, November 30, 2008

busy busy busy

I worked on the Philadelphia Marathon last week(end). I also told my friend Johnathan that i would do the Philadelphia Triathlon with him in June. Right now I'm leaning toward doing the sprint triathlon, but in the back of my mind i'm thinking that the sprint triathlon is for suckers, i might just do the whole thing. The thing i've got going for me is that i'm a decent swimmer, and apparently that's where people's weak points are. Since i only have to quicken how i swim, i think i might be able to remotely place, nothing significant cuz my running and biking would be sub-optimal, but still, nice prospects. I even bought goggles!

What else? I'm committed to writing articles for my website. I set my pace at one per day. I've got tons to say, so i might as well get writing. I also realize that this is a little slow, i should be aiming for like 2-5 per day since i don't have anything else to do. I wrote one this morning on communication. umm. And i want to scrap the whole thing and rebuild it. i don't know why, i just do.

I'm starting to talk more to my fiancee. I realize (after she tells me of course) that i don't talk to her a lot about the things going on in my head, so i'm making more of an effort to be in communication with her about things. It's not as hard as i thought. Though secretly i don't want this communication to get her into my decision-making process, just more of a sounding-board. That's because i'm a man, and men are more comfortable making solitary decisions . . . or at least that's the story i'm sticking to.
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