Monday, November 17, 2008

been workin hard for no money

I've been working hard on my website Keystone Business Systems. I'm building it so that i can create a community of professionals, business-owners and non-profit organizations that will create a black business class in philadelphia.

When looking around at the state of Philadelphia politics and economics, we're drastically behind the curve. What i want to do is create a centralized location that aggregates the different organizations and 'movements' around black Philadelphia so that it is easy to find people, communicate with them and of course to plan and cooperate with them.

It's a hard job being a web developer. I'm installing, updating, migrating and doing all kinds of things. I'm also working on a book on networking that i put down for a week cuz i went headlong into this. On the book note, i did get a book that i've been wanting for a good while: Emergence: the connected lives of ants, cities, software and brains. I read it a few years ago and loved it. On its current second read, it's funny how i'm appreciating his writing style a lot more than the first go-round. Hopefully i'll be able to pick a few things up for my own book.
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