Monday, November 17, 2008

no overtime for you

Hey, i like the idea of spreading the wealth around. In the upcoming weeks, there will be tons of discussions about how to bail this economy out. It will center heavily on rebuilding the physical infrastructure of the company, and promoting green jobs. I have something to add to this to make sure that everything is cool:

1. that no one person can recieve from a company more than 30 times the amount of the lowest paid and third-tier subcontractor. That means that if the lowest paid person in the company (janitor or secretary) makes $10 an hour, no other employee can make in total compensation more than $300 an hour.

Now, when people get government contracts, they usually subcontract out a lot of the work to other companies. What we don't want is shell corporations being created so that the second-tier suppliers do the real work, the requirement for second tier suppliers (including lawyers and accountants) makes sure that the money isn't sitting at the top of the foodchain.

2. that there are percentage limits on overtime. That is to say that no one person can work more than 50 hours per week. Why this? because i'm afraid that you'll have the skills and work hogged by a, though competent, few people. by limiting the overtime, what companies will have to do is to hire more people.
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