Sunday, October 19, 2008

up and running

I've been tooling around with the website (keybussys) by getting a new template (face) and shoring some stuff up on the backend. My current website is like non-functional. I forgot passwords and all that. The reason it sucks is because i blew my computer away and re-installed everything. But before i got the passwords to the website, i deleted the VPC before i got my passwords and website out of it.

In the last perhaps week or so i've been working on the website again cuz i'm trying to do it big. I was gung-ho about it but i couldn't find a good user interface for it. However, i've found a great template (interface) that fits my needs and i can customize it using some of the thrown-together skills that i've accumulated in the past couple months.

I'll be putting it up in a couple days, soon as i remember my godaddy account info!!!

also, i'm running the backend on joomla in case you were wondering
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