Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So, i'll merge it all. consequences be damned.

NetWeaving is my likkle coinage for weaving a network. Weaving a newtork is qualitatively different from networking. Networking is the art of making connections so that you benefit from your network(s). Network weaving is the art of making connections so that other people benefit from the network(s). This is what Malcolm Gladwell was pointing to when he wrote The Tipping Point (great book).

So my latest craze in the book (yeah, no backstory) is based on seven books: Emergence, Tipping Point, Keystone Advantage, Never Eat Alone, Why Things Bite Back, The Hidden Power of Social Networks and one or two more that i don't feel like remembering. What i'm doing is creating short chapter-long vignettes of each book, so that at the end of each chapter i can summarize (and hopefully capture) the different viewpoints from each book. I hope that this section of mine will give 'networkers' a larger appreciation of the networks within which they play.
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