Wednesday, October 08, 2008

manage it all?

How do i manage it all. Shoot, how does anyone. I'm typing away at my computer mostly on a book on building networks that i'm writing. In the interim i'm interrupted by thoughts about the other fires i have burning, some out of control, in other areas of my life. Half of me is resigned to the fate i've created for myself, and the other half is content with making small but plentiful contributions to boosting my development, hoping that it will all cascade and crystalize into a whole new beautiful life.

The other more pressing issue of 'managing it all' is that i think i'm really into this bloggin thing, but i've got a few blogs in mind. That is to say i want to talk about anything and everything all in one blog. And of course i want it to be a little popular, so how dost i balance the smorgasborg of ideas churning and rushing through my 3-pounds of grey matter but . . . yeah, that thought kinda just ended.
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