Wednesday, October 08, 2008

on writing

Its funny how when writing a book you want to balance everything. I've written the first section (of five) and wanted to 'nail' that section before i get to the next one. So, what i did was wrote it, and edited it. I wanted to nail the first section, then polish it so that if/when i wrote the second section, that builds on but doesn't depend on the first, then i'd have something coherent to refer back to.

But now it seems that i'm in too deep. I've got too many books to re-read, decipher and re-organize than i can manage. I'm also itching to create a phase-by-phase and a step-by-step section so that readers can grasp not just the abstract structure, but the how to do it.

I think i'm just whinning about trying to do three things at once. I figure when i get the second section mostly knocked out (instead of just the one chapter i keep trying to re-write) then i'll sit back and relax.

I think it's hard trying to juggle and shift in and out of the forrest-trees views that i put myself in sometimes
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