Monday, January 28, 2008

On Obama . . is there anything else?

I invited my dad over so he could wax poetic about how important the Kennedy endorsements were. Being a youngster, i hear about the literal adoration that a whole nation had for the Kennedy's (something that Bill C. didn't achieve). So i had to tap someone who actually lived through those times to weigh in on how important this was, and the ramifications in that generation.

So in this analysis, my dad said (you'll hear a lot of that in this post) that Hillary was counting on the white baby-boomer women to be at least a solid backbone to her campaign. So the Kennedy endorsement flies in the face of that. The 'princess' and heir apparent to the Kennedy legacy (that would be Caroline folks) has just endorsed Obama. What was important about that was that Caroline isn't a politician. Analogously, that's like Princess Di supporting a candidate for Prime Minister over.

And Ted/Edward Kennedy coming out behind Obama does something serious to the race. Even though my dad says Ed is a wildcard, his weighing in makes New York a battleground for Hillary and not a walk-over. The Kennedy's are heavy in the Northeast, and their name carries weight in both political and social circles, so this is really big folks.

I've got my eye on New York's numbers in the upcoming days. What about you?

My dad also dropped some science on the racial politics of "'ol miss" and how the Jack Kennedy (Jack was his nickname) sent troops to ol miss. Apparently after Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock, a few years later Kennedy sent some federal marshals to "Ol Miss". Apparently 60 of those marshals were hospitalized!!! In response, Kennedy sent parts of the 82nd airborne and the 101st (both of which landed in Normandy) down to Mississippi to show the Gubna of Miss just what country he was in. And apparently it was that that had black America fall in love with the Kennedy's . . . troops in mississippi, whodathunkit
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