Monday, January 21, 2008

watched my first debate

. . . of this election cycle that is. And i think that Obama fricasseed (had to look that spelling up) them how do you spell that word? I think the only fault that i have with Obama is that his speech is choppy. He has a lot of 'uh's and what i think is a mild stutter. I think it's cuz he's actually thinking about what he says, which is actually becoming of him.

I did find that he doesn't support universal healthcare, which i TOTALLY agree with. And when it came down to it, Hillary came out in full dig-her-heels in force for universal healthcare (which Obama calls 'mandatory') and that's just what i don't like about her. Sure, i like mandates. But she's not going after a mandate. She said that universal healthcare is a core democratic value. That's a mis-statement. Universal Healthcare is a core liberal value, and unfortunately she's confused the two, just as many other people have.

I think Edwards is fighting a real good fight. Honestly, i like his honesty and his fight for poverty. But i just don't think his fight against poverty is ripe yet for the picking. I'm for an Obama Edwards ticket. I think Obama would serve as a wonderful uniter, and Edwards with a good groundwork during those years can come with the knock-out punch to help end poverty and its brother: overconsumption, in the next eight years. All the while, i do think that we should have at least one republican congress during that sixteen years to keep those pesky democrats (i'd say 'asses' but i mean that in the symbolic not literal sense) honest and not too wild.

I think Hillary has an axe to grind, and i neither agree with her particular axes, how she's grinding them or why she's grinding them. I think Obama's message of hope and unity hasn't been heard within the beltway for a long time, and it's time to hear it again. And i think Edwards has a passionate empathy for the underdog . . . it's too bad he's a white man having to stress how he's for the 'little man' against two 'minorities'. I think in a playing field of all white men he'd be doing MUCH better, but his message of empathy 'for' someone is much different than a message of empathy 'from' someone. I just hope his love for people doesn't get lost in the fact that he's a white guy.
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