Saturday, February 02, 2008

tagging movies

I've always wanted to know how i can find a movie just like the one i watched. For instance, compare the two movies about magicians: the illusionist and the prestige. Both involved magicians, but it's hard to focus in on just magicians if you look in the more general category 'magic'. In that category, you'd find things like harry potter and the hobbit trilogy (whatever that name is). So i've been wanting some kind of tagging system that enables a person to add tags that are relevant to a movie so you can search for things like "plot twist" and "double-cross" if you like to watch that sort of thing.

That call has been almost answered in the form of the IMDB taggin feature. It's good, i' only tried it out on one or two movies and it got them (the aforementioned magician leading to those two movies). What i'd really like is that being cross-referenced with Netflix's user preference ratings. It would help netflix offer "movies like" that actually incorporated deeper elements of a movie than simple user likings . .. it would help users like me find movies that i'm almost guaranteed to like for the right reasons.

It would be like the pandora of movies!

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