Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In this corner

I've been sorta watching the Obama-Clinton fiasco. What was really interesting was to hear Bill Clinton come out on radio (heard on the Tom Joyner show) not really attacking Obama, but really taking the man's campaign to task. It was funny, i started to think about the fight as a boxing match and thought of what was going on. What i thought was Bill was definitely a past champion, on the ropes fighting against Obama, but not really wanting to blow the guy out of the water. For some reason, in his diatribe, it just didn't sound like Bill had the poise he once had as president and expert politician. He sounded like he was on the defensive, but not in terms of being pummeled, but in terms of trying to get the sympathy for him that black folk so desperately want to give him for being married to that tyrant in heels.

Also, i read a great article on a website that i used to read a bit, but haven't lately (slate) which is decidedly anti-Hillary. It's almost slanderous (not really, i just wanted to say that word). My favorite is an article that says that she's actually not more experienced than Obama. Bascially, her elected official tenure is six years, compared to Obama's 11 when you include his stint in the Illinois State legislature. So what Hillary has been trading on is her proximity to Bill!!! http://www.slate.com/id/2182073/ there's the link

ps: note to self, i gotta learn to embed links in html so they come up snazzy like in other blogs. If anyone knows how to do this, drop me a line
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