Tuesday, September 02, 2008

what i said elsewhere

i'm on a discussion list where it seems that i'm on the losing side of the debate team (if you count numbers) but winning in terms of analyzing issues. So, somebody posted a list of things they'd like the next prez (they're assuming its the big O) to solve. I remixed it and put it in a ranking. I modified #3 to be what i said, what's in parentheses is what he put.

lists are cool, but rankings are better:

  1. Alternative fuel source development - this comes first cuz like Barack said, you can't outsource that. Not only would that build indigenous energy sources, it would also build a technical research infrastructure (hopefully filled by #3)
  2. Equitable income distribution - i think there should be an earning cap where the highest paid person can only be paid some multiple of times as the lowest paid person in the same company (including subcontractors), options and fringe benefits included. That would be the quickest way to spread the love. I also think that there should be taxes on net worth and perhaps not income (which is only constitutional due to an amendmen). And i support the estate tax. I also think the payroll tax should be eliminated in favor of other options such as a revenue tax and/or an increased business energy tax.
  3. Rigorous Math and Science Education (precursor to developing the prosperous 21st century economy) - number one on this is to halve the number of children in a classroom. Having been a teacher, the more kids, the more complex. Simply halving the number of kids in a class would greatly enhance the ability of teachers to teach. Raising the salary of teachers but keeping them teaching so many children is just paying more for masochism, however noble we may all think. An analogy would be would you instead pay more for soldiers or invest in ways to not have to go to war? I think that a quarter of the Iraq occupation budget should go to education: specifically school construction and teacher pay, not administration nor muddled in state sieves.
  4. Social Security restructuring (to be a supplement not a source) - i think we should have an OPTION for people to put a portion of their SS against an index (like the S&P) of the stock market. That's what pretty safe investors end up doing in many 401Ks anyway. If people opt out of SS and the market tanks, then they're SOL because of their own decision. They gambled on their allowance. Tough noogies.
  5. Immigration - build the great wall of texas
  6. Restoring US world leadership in things that matter instead of war - i think a superfluous goal. The first goal is integrity, simply by getting our own stuff straight and minding less of other countries busienss would be the generator of clout on the international scene. Sufficiently doing 1-3 would satisfy most of this goal i think.
  7. Elimination of disease like Aids and Cancer - i don't know. From a evolutionary standpoint, disease is a natural part of being an organism. The problem with curing diseases is that people live longer and thereby exert more strain on the environment, so it's like robbing peter to pay paul. Being scared of your own or the mortality of others doesn't demandmoney from the government, but i support private donations and research.

Actually, i was kidding with number five, but i couldn't pass that up. In order to curb immigration we actually have to invest in some ways that make third world countries (mexico for instance) on some kind of par with the US, thus lessening the attractiveness of coming to US. On the flip side, i find it funny that people believe in human-created borders as if they are an aspect of reality and not an aspect of governmental dealmaking based on war capacity. Borders were created to tell tribes who can tax what people on what land, not necessarily who could or could not come in. Historically, the merchant class has free reign across borders, but perhaps not the peons and serfs like us (RAB).


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