Friday, July 18, 2008

'bout to be a big

I went to a meeting last night with the heads of UPPN and about 30-50 specially hand-picked people. Basically, its a movement within UPPN to start giving back to the community, so they picked about 50 guys and invited them to become . . . Bigs!

What's a Big? Its a nick-name for a Big Brother/Sister. So, i'm real excited about it. I put in an application, and if they can get past my armed robbery, extortion and other assorted charges, i'll be fine. Just kidding of course. It was a wonderful thing to see about 30 solid black men about to become Bigs. The organizers on the BBBS side of things said that in their years (about ten for the most senior employee) they haven't seen anything like last night.

They're also pushing that we invite other black men to become Bigs. So i called one, who said no, and i'll call another. I think that it would be more potent if/when i actually am a Big, you know, it's easeir to lead from the front, then you know where you're going.
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