Friday, September 05, 2008

where do i plug in my hybrid

Living in the city has me thinking of all these articles promising and projecting plug-in hybrid vehicles in the next 10 years. My me-centric line of thinking asks: where do i plug in my hybrid.

I live in the city with no garage. So how will i insure that some young enterprising youth won't sell my outlet by the hour or use when i'm either sleeping at night or away at work. For that to work there would have to be some sort of data exchange to identify what car plugs into what outlet.

If that's the case, then i can go anywhere without overtly paying for my transportation. Why? because this little data-exhcange could be country-wide. I mean, visa is country wide, gas stations are country-wide, why not electric outlets? I would predict that some company is going to make hand-over-fist money creating little protocols and boxes for hotels and restaurants to install so that their customers can hook up to the electric grid for a small percentage (like visa).
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