Friday, March 02, 2007

hooray for Microsoft

I've been playing around with the ofice 2007 program.

I'm smitten.


I've been a microsoft fan since mice came out. I used to play around on windows 3.1 and jump off and do some dos stuff in Norton Commander (yeah, i'm old). I actually like microsoft a lot more when i read bill gates biography back in the early-mid nineties (before he was popular as a person, not just a company). As of late, i haven't liked microsoft so much. But now i'm back on board.

This is a bit of a confession from a google lover. I think one of the reasons i love google so much is because of their beautifully functional user interface. I'm spoiled. But now, office 2007 has a beautifully functional user interface. I'm spoiled double.

So in the upcoming wars, do you know who will win? the company that makes their interface beautiful. I've even read a book or two on design of tools (the design of everyday things by Donald Norman) and related things (the existential pleasures of engineering), so i have a sweet spot for design.

I mean, office 2007 is beautiful.

I love the interactivity. It's like web 2.0 for your desktop!

But i'm very wary of vista. Right now i'm in the market for a new laptop, need it to help out on the job. And i don't want vista. Matter of fact, when i get up, i'll go down the hall and ask my tech guy how can i get one. I can't seem to find a laptop with XP anywhere (unless its a refurb on tigerdirect). So i want XP and office 2007.


office 2007 rocks.
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