Wednesday, October 12, 2005

why I love landmark

So I lead introductions to the Landmark Forum. That's a bit hard for me to say because if you google it, you'll find some nasty stuff about it. But, if you google anything, you'll find nasty stuff about that too. So what is the Landmark Forum for? Its about living a life of Possiblity.

Let me explain by using the metaphor of the goose that lays the golden egg. The rhyme goes that some foolish farmer cut open the goose to get more golden eggs. All he found was innards. So he sacrificed the goose that laid the eggs to get the eggs themselves.

So let's say that any possibility (little 'p') is an egg from this magical goose. Well the Landmark forum is like that Golden Egg-Laying Goose. It's about creating Possibility (big 'p'). What happens is that this big 'p' Possibility is the mother-goose of these golden eggs. What happens in the Landmark forum is that you get in connection with the realm of Possibility (big 'p') so you can

Think about it. When you think of doing something that you really want to do, sometimes you get scared, maybe a little cynical. Why? Because you have a story about your life that highlights all the times you failed and almost succeeded. In these instances you didn't do as well as you would have liked, you chipped away at your connection with the possibility that you can be anything you want to be, and have a life that you love. So you threw the baby out with the bathwater. You strangled off big 'p' Possibility in your life instead of keeping it specific to that possibility. It's like tripping over a chair and hating all furniture. Absurd eh?

So the Landmark forum helps you to see that you do this, and helps you notice that you have a choice in the matter of big 'p' Possibility. You can have Possibility in your life. A realm of big 'p' Possibilityin which little miniature little 'p' possibilities can exist and flourish.

Come to think of it, that golden egg-laying goose example might've sucked.
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