Monday, October 03, 2005

this weekend

my mom's birthday was this weekend. I went to help her out around the house. I missed the eagles game. That's real love. We had a pretty deep conversation about the family and all of its dysfunctions, with my aunt. It was a nice day.

But on saturday, i spent it cleaning the house i'm about to buy with my father. He's a garden wizard. He had me pull some weeds out of this little tiny front yard (5x8 feet?). I came back like two hours later (get how comitted i am right) and he had a whole garden for me. He had some ivy plants and three colorful suckers, but i don't know their names yet. This happened after the appraiser came and walked through making me nervous. I am trying to figure out how much i have to pay for the house/mortgage and so forth.

i probably had a deep thought or two. but i forget what they were.

ps: i LOVE the eagles, but i still think if we see the bowl again, i hope it is against pgh, but i would take the patriots on a 3-2 fav.
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