Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The book: Moral Politics

A couple months ago i read this little pamphlet/book by cognitive scientist George Lakoff. It was called "Don't Think of an Elephant". He examined in the book the issue of framing in politics. Basically his point was that the 'conservative machine' has gained an unprecedented amount of power in the last few decades because they spent money on getting the morals that underly their platform not only out in the open, but with catchy slogans to boot. The purpose of this book was to get the progressive movement a swift kick in the behind so that they can get their act together likewise and organize not only their programs, but the morals that make the programs valuable.

So i am now reading his earlier book Moral Politics. This book is longer. Its purpose is to examine deeply the moral systems that give rise to the conservative and liberal movements. It's doing a great job. Go read it if you want to know some more. I also suggest that you read Don't Think of an Elephant first.

I'll be giving you a blow by blow as i read through it.
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