Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sick of the Bailout

Remember the last time you drank too much? You didn't know until the next morning. Right now, with all this talk about the bailout and tarp and the stimulus . . . it's too much. I'm already having a hangover. There is only so much that i can do or say about it:

I don't agree with the bailout.
I don't agree with the stimulus.

I think we should have let the idiot bankers rot. I think the stimululs is misguided.

Of course, there was a fantastic cartoon the other day, i forget where it was though, shoulda tagged it. Basically a homeowner was standing next to their house questioning his wife why he should support the bailout. Well, the house was actually pictured like a domino, in a curve of dominoes. All the houses behind it had foreclosure signs on it, and they were tumbling.

I get it: systemic risk. The bailout and stimulus is more like chicken soup than surgery, it's good for the body (nobody know's why) but not the specific ailment.

But my real question is: nobody did anything illegal? I don't hear about indictments, confessions and deals. The only people on trial seem to be Bernie Madoff and that guy Stanford down in Texas or Antiga or wherever it was. These are our only villans? Nobody in the middle of the Wall Street diaster? Oh, they weren't wrong, just morons.

I'm sure.

But i'm sick of it. I don't even want to hear Obama speak. I want to hear what my state (PA) is going to do with the stimulus monies, excuse me "America Recovery Act" funds. I want the transparency that Obama's putting into place to filter down into each dollar spent.

I want third-level accountability. That means if i get a contract, and i subcontract it out, i have to report how much i'm paying to subcontract it out. This will give us a sense of who skims how much. I'm even glad that McCain is making waves, assailing military cost overruns. Time to reign that in for sure.

I want our gov't to be both penny-wise and pound-wise.
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