Monday, February 16, 2009

More on the wealth cap

So, the last post was about a wealth cap. The condition behind this argument is the gaping hole in the wealth between rich and poor people, especially in America. The intent i have in proposing a limit on the amount a person can "be worth" is to equalize the chances of people being able to feed and support their family.

I think i've added an option, here they are so far:
Cap income
I would limit the amount a person could earn in a year. 1 mil is too low. how about 10 million? But that is just for business owners. What if we limited total compensation from a company to 1 mil per year.

This would force down salaries of business execs, and on down the line so that more wealth could be spread

We could also configure it so that the highest paid person in the company can earn no more than some multiple of the lowest paid person. If the lowest paid person earns $30,000, a 30x multiple would get that highest paid person $900,000.

Cap total net worth
We could alternately cap the total amount of money a person was worth. If they earn more money, they have to spend it, which pumps money into the economy. We can cap this at somewhere around 50mil,

Abolish trusts
One of the strategies that the rich use to protect their wealth for future generations is to create trusts. Trusts are tax-shelters enabling people to put their money in an entity and dispense it in such a way to minimize taxes, and to avoid the estate tax. I would abolish them. This line of thinking actually has libertarian roots in that it encourages each individual to work to their maximum, and not ride the coat-tails of generational socialism.

Increase the estate tax(new)
This comes with a little subtly. If the assets to be taxed is a owner-operated business worth less than 10mil, then i would think about abolishing the estate tax. I think this is a good cut-off to insure the financial stability of small businesses in succession agreements.

Okay. So there are no real breakthroughs, i think sometime i'll have to sit down and think each of these through more seriously. keep watch.
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