Monday, December 17, 2007

a lesson in humility

So, i'm a teacher. i teach software programs to corporate and individual clients. And i think i'm hot shit.

I was at work today and another trainer came in and was turning in his evaluations. Because i teach the MS office, and they want high-quality training, the people that i train fill out either paper-form or web-based evaluations. So, this other trainer has been 'duping' me. He's been talking as if he's a terrible trainer and that he's not that effective. And i've been eating this story up.

So he's turning in his evals and looking through the scores. And as i watched, he was earning nines (why it isn't on a 10 point scale is beyond me) all over the place. Out of about ten evaluations that i went through (under his watchful eye) all of them except one rated him with all nines! The other one was straight eights . .. there's always one, i know. i should've seen that, he's been doing this for about 10 years, he's just new to this company.

So, i walk around like i'm the hottest thing since sliced bread, and i'm not! My scores are good, but i've been doing this for less than a year (my 'anniversary' is the 2nd of january) and my scores are in the 8.36 range ('effective is 8.47). So i've still got a little work to do.

Now, this is against the background of people walking out and telling me that this was a great class, and one student/client comparing me to one of the recent legendary trainers at my compay.

So, i'm going to eat crow and sharpen up on my P's and Q's to become a better trainer. Apparently at national conferences, some of the best trainers get to 'walk the stage' but they've gotta be top notched. I'll be there if i can get my big ego out of the way.
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