Friday, July 21, 2006

Black America?

so i just wrote about reading Clash of Civilizations. And of course that has me think, well who am i. As an 'african america' i was thinking about what 'civilization' should i be aligning with. Of course i was born and raised in America, as were at least 7 generations of my family (what many af-ams don't realize and relish in), but i'm distinctively not american by the normal conception of who an 'american' is.

In the book Clash of Civilizations the author,i guess i should remember his name, harrington or something. . . no huntington is closer. . . anyhoo the author talks about the conflict between christian "Eurpoe" (which is really west asia) and Muslim Middle-East Asia. So that had me thinking about the religious and linguistic situation of Black Americans, and Blacks in the Americas.
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