Friday, July 21, 2006

Al Gore is a whimp, James Lovelock says Gaia is Dying,

While sailing on the Chesapeake (or however you spell it . . .and Kareem peep the 'metis' reference) i was listening to a radio program from canada, my gramps loves short-wave. There was an interview with James Lovelock, the person who came out with the "gaia" theory that the earth was an organism and it was getting sick.

If you remember back to the mid 90's there was a theory that if humanity stopped polluting, then the earth could reset its metabolism and heal itself in 75-100 years. In the interview he said that it's too late. He said the problem was that politicians are listening to green lobbies who advocate sustainable development, but neither of them are knowledgeable about the science that says the earth isn't healthy and is in fact dying.

He went on to say that the politicians should stop worrying about green development and start thinking about the massive migrations that are going to happen around the world due to the change in climate. For instance he said about 100 million Indians will need a place to stay when Bangladesh goes under when the ice caps melt. Got an extra room for Sandip?

So there you have it. Gaia is dying, from the horses mouth.

But the good news is that i'm going to save a lot of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.
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