Thursday, May 25, 2006

New book i want to write

I want to write another book (again). It'll be called "Distinctions of a Black Man". It's a pun. It isn't anything like the movied 'distinguished gentleman' with eddie murphy. It isn't even a book about black men. Rather it is about how black men think. It lists a couple polarities/categories along which black men (in my opinion) parse and judge the world. let me clue you in to a few topics:

Adult vs Children (responsibility)
Black people vs Niggaz (morality & ambition)
Power vs Force (sovereignty)
Man/Woman vs Masculine/Feminine
Success vs Failure (winning with the hand you were dealt)
War vs Violence (read the book! or the next paragraph)

There may be up to 50, i just gotta think them up. The thought for this book came about when i was thinking about how i literally love warriorship literature, but hate the violence in my community. So i got to thinking about the difference between a warrior and a thug. What differentiates them are the ultimate aims for which they apply force.
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