Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ipod, Mac and Dell

I got another ipod, the 30gig video. It's amazing. Problem . . . i'm mostly using my Girl's laptop for music. We have separate user names, so we have duplicate music, that sucks. . . especially on the 40gig harddrive, (really two drives, the one of which is getting full!). If you have an Ipod, you know the trials and tribulations of figuring out what to do with it, how to organize this and so forth. I think the greatest feature of the ipod is the smart playlists.

I think the ipod is the single greatest invention that has the potential to cause world happines. I mean, think about it. A personal soundtrack to your life! It helps you carry around all of your favorite songs, even videos and personal information. Pretty soon it'll be a pda/phone too. Imagine a 60gig phone running macware!

And that puts me to another point. I was arguing with my dad about Mac and Windows. We differ on a big point. He thinks that Mac's competitor is Windows. I say that Mac's competitors are Dell, HP and the machines. People love the mac software, but aren't sure about the computer. With all the differentiation between the ram, harddrives, processors and such, Mac remains a mystery to most people. When we can run Mac software on a PC, That's what has Paul Allen and Bill Gates worried. . . to hell with linux. Linux has a reputation for geekdom and servers and data-intensive stuff, not graphical aesthetics for the hobby-ing user (i.e. non-programmer).
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