Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Turino at my front door.

Turino must be the coolest name the olympics ever had.

Anyhoo. Undoubtedly (did i spel that rite?) the coolest winter sport ever is speedskating. Those guys and gals fly! Next in line is the freestyle skiing, the halfpipe is my favorite. Then comes, you guessed it . . snowball fights at home.

This weekend we in philly got thousands of pounds of snow. I think we got around 7-10 inches. It was hard to tell because the wind was kicking. It snowed on saturday and the school district still closed on Monday. That was a blessing fo sho'.

I tried to look on the web for the olympics content, no such luck. I just wanted some video of the speedskating. I think if there were more video of less popular sports, there would be more interest in it. I mean football sundays, weekdays are for hockey and basketball. And when you turn the tv off, on comes baseball and NASCAR.

Did you notice that there's a black speed skater? He almost qualified for both the short and long distance speed skating teams. And people are mad at him because he won't be on the team skating event. He's not phased saying that he didn't come to the games for that event, but other people did.

'sabout it.
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