Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dubai's Ports

Hey, i live in philadelphia, city of brothers committing homicides. It's a city, and the homicide rate hovers just under one per day. Most, not all, are black-on-black crimes, and about half of the victims and shooters are under 26 years old.

What's this got to do with the Dubai company running America's Ports? Well, here's the analogy:

Saying that a company in a Muslim country cannot run our ports, is just the same as saying that Sylvester Johnson can't be Philadelphia's Top Cop because he's black.

It sounds like an oxymoron: Muslim security at American ports. But that's a foolish generalization to make.

Yeah, i do have concerns about the Dubai people running our ports. I'd have the same concerns if the British, Argentinians or Mozambiquians did it too, but that's along the lines of internal security issues, not the nationality or religion of the country supposedly protecting our ports.

I forget the city, but I read a few years back that the Nation of Islam was contracted to be the security force for a few of the housing projects in a city. During the contract, violent crime almost dissapeared. Then the ADL got upset that the NOI had this contract and had the contract terminated along the lines of separation of Church and State. I've no problem with the ADL, i think they serve a valuable function in their community. However, i'd throw that decision out simply because of the reduction in crime in those projects.

I heard Gov Rendell say that they only have the money to search 5% of the containers coming into the ports. So there's a 95% chance that someone can smuggle in contraband, drugs etc whether the ports are run by the Emirates of Dubai, or little 'ol me.
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