Saturday, January 21, 2006

Public intellectuals

I'm about to beat up straw men. Public intellectuals. I haven't read any of their 'works'. I'm talking about Dyson. I'm talking about Bell hooks -though i hear she isn't that bad. I'm talking about a lot of them. But really, i'm talking about Dyson.

I read, well started to read, his book on King. I couldn't get past the first chapter. It wasn't because i'm stupid. It's because he's an idiot. I have grown up with the notion that language is supposed to communicate ideas, sentiments, emotions, directions etc. When language doesn't, there could be a couple problems. the first problem could be that the thoughts to be communicated just weren't that organized in the first place. THis is a disease i suffered from a while ago. Boy did i confuse even myself. I still battle with this affliction from time-to-time.

Another problem may be that the words don't express quite what the speaker wanted to express. Hence expletives and so on. And, the listener can just not understand. Dyson, he's authored a whole 'nother category of difficulty. Obfuscation. I seriously doubt even he knows what he's talking about.

With my previous point of language supposed to communicate ideas, it seems that Dyson misses this point. It seems that Dyson uses multi-conceptual sentences to give the air of sophistication. It doesn't. It gives the air of a buffoon. He teaches about a mile and a half from where i live. Any 'self-respecting' so-called revolutionary would jump at the chance to sit in on his lectures. The problem is that i am self-respecting, but i don't respect him.

This would probably not be a whole 'lot of drivel if i actually remembered what triggered my hate. But i buried it in my subconscious. Hopefully i won't get the inkling to dig up the dead by reading the back cover of one of his book . . .

Oh yeah. Bill Cosby hasn't lost his mind. Dyson is just of the opinion that every predicament that black people are in can be blamed on whites. I dig that. I'm black, a lot of the *ish that goes on in my community, the circumstances can in fact be 'blamed' on whites. But that policy of victimhood gives me and my peoples no power. If it's the white-man's fault, is it also up to him to 'remedy' the situation? Then the focus sits on "what has whitey done for/to me lately" instead of what have i done for myself lately. I'm not for that. I'm for personal responsibility.

That's what it was. I saw an article in the Philadelphia Weekly or the City Paper about him. didn't finish it. Had to work. Oh yeah, i saw Solomon Jones speak. He's good. He and Dan Savage may be the most interesting journalists coming out of philly papers.

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