Sunday, September 25, 2005

Revolution eh? what kinds?

Well, my Favorite revolutionary is Amilcar Cabral. The best book on him is Warriors at Work by Mustafah Dhada. It is literally a big-picture blueprint for creating a balanced nation under external stress. During his ousting of the Portuguese, he created a mobile hospital system, created schools for rural masses, got a trade-and-barter network going, and increased the productivity of the agriculture in Guinea Bissau. All this was done while waging a war with the Portuguese, who had helicopters, flew sorties and manned forts. Unfortunately he was 'accidentally killed' when taken by the Portugese Army by one of his former enemies.

There are many dimensions to this revolution of mine. The First purpose is that the ultimate goal in a person's life being inner peace. Everything after that is negotiable based on circumstance.

I am talking of an economic revolution. People for years have been beating the statistics of how many black dollars are spent per year. I'm flapping my lips and thinking about how much black businesses make each year, how many (and how well) they employ people and whether they are in 'critical industries.'

There will be more to come. I just created this blog along with about three or four others. I'll be peicemealing this into something big.

oh yeah, if you use one of my ideas, i demand a reference. i'm about to trademark all of this.
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