Monday, September 26, 2005

man this is hard

I remember searching used to be easy. I'm trying to boost a couple pictures off the web to add some visuals to my blog. . . but i'm just coming up with squat!!! I remember when i used to see random pictures, put them on my hard drive and just lollygag and love the pictures. Unfortunately having to upgrade computers i have the good stuff on old computers. Nowadays you can upload pictures and things. I'm not sure how all that works. I have a friendster profile and a yahoo thinggy, but just having pictures on the web? Well, i did get one of those "hello" accounts that blogger has, and i guess picasa to boot? But i haven't figured those out yet.

I would say that i'm going to stick to words, but that's not gonna happen.

Why do i have multiple blogs? And why am i blogging about blogging? Because i'm a weird dude, that's why. What's this blog about? The little things that aren't so thematic. The daily grind. How my bum itches occasionally. What i think about that's not in the realm of the other blogs. I'm going to try to be redundant, so if i put stuff that's marginally related to politics, in on of these blogs, i might go on a more serious rant on the political blog i have, same for spiritual and so forth.

I think of blogging as more expressing my thoughts and helping me to sort them out than to communicate. If i wanted to communicate with you, i'd write a book or seven (which i'm doing also-you gotta wait for that though).

Anyhoo. . .
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